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Sorry I'm late...

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Dear Scarlet,

I’m so sorry I’m late. I was dealing with my own stones- stones that were thrown at me. When I picked up the stones they had words on them like “disgusting” “shameful” “broken” and “unwanted.” At first, it felt like I deserved it- so I started throwing stones at myself too. But the pain was too great and I wanted it to stop, so I started throwing the stones back.

After some time, I saw something that broke my heart. One of the rocks hit another girl and she picked up the rock and starting throwing it at herself too. I quickly ran over and stopped her because I realized what we were doing. We created a very dangerous cycle.

My consequences were unintended, I felt guilt, shame, but more importantly a responsibility to help. We talked together and she put the rock down and we ran. I felt a renewing from within.

I guess I wasn’t as alone as I thought because many followed. One by one we laid our rocks down and we became lighter and brighter.

I guess this is why I’m writing to you. Listen, I want you to heal too! Let’s start talking. Let’s talk about the tough stuff. The stuff most can’t bare. Let’s put the rocks down and let’s build a castle- let’s turn this cycle into something a bit more magical. Best, A girl with rocks of her own.

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