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Books & Bible Studies

Free of Me

Sharon Hodde Miller

Not only is Sharon Hodde Miller a local North Carolinian, she also is taking a stand against being self-centered. Free of Me is a book worth reading whether you are in your early 20's or late 60's. This book is a fantastic reminder that our lives are best lived when it is not about us. A "me-centered" world not only puts God in a box but shrinks our souls in the process. Free of Me allows us to take the pressure's off of ourselves and live joyfully within the body of Christ.

Get Out of Your Head

Jennie Allen

This bible study is a dream come true for Christian Counselor's and clients. This study encapsulates both biblical and psychological terminology. This study is fantastic for anyone who is struggling with toxic thought patterns and anxiety.

Redeeming Love

Francine Rivers

This fictional love story is like no other. Angel was sold into prostitution at a young age. In order to survive in the 1850's, Angel sold her body to lustful men. Things change when she meets Michael, a man who seeks God's heart in everything. Michael obeys God's call to marry Angel and to love her unconditionally.  Will Angel's fears of unworthiness and hatred of men prevail or will love truly cover a multitude of sins?

This book, although fictional, does an incredible job of depicting the spiritual warfare of self-worth and our true identity as son's and daughters of Christ.

Swipe Right

Levi Lusko

Levi Lusko adapts a modern and understandable tone when discussing the life-and-death powers behind love, sex, and romance. He abandons the "Sex is bad and so are you if you've had sex" mentality, and instead, accurately explains the physical, spiritual, and emotional effects that sex has on us.

"There's more to sex than mere skin on skin. Sex is as much spiritual mystery as physical fact. It changes who you are and you can't unscramble those eggs."

The Bible Project

Overview Video's

The Bible Project is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to teaching others about the bible. This non-profit created visually stimulating and enjoyable videos for the modern learner. The video's  breaks down the literary design of the Bible and its flow of thought through a seamless story. Whether you are a new learner or a expert, these video's are enjoyable and interesting.

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How the Fall Affects Us All

(Summit Church,  J.D. Greear)

This sermon takes #1 on the most recommended sermons on Letters to Scarlet. This sermon should be an example of how ALL sin is equal and how everyone struggles with sin. This sermon dives into the truth about how Christians have gravely hurt several communities, including the LGBTQ community, because we have taken it upon ourselves to rank sin and treat them differently. This sermon is a must listen!

Relational Intelligence

(Fresh Life Church, Dr. Dharius Daniels)

Dr. Dharius Daniels dives into what it means to really know the people you are surrounding yourself with. Jesus had twelve disciples and he knew their sin's and how to best love them. Do you know who is at your table? Do you know how to love them?

What It Looks Like To Actually Grieve Your Wounds

(The Place We Find Ourselves, Andrew Bauman)

As Christians we love to focus on the easy feelings, such as joy and happiness, and we struggle to sit with those who are experiencing harder emotions like sadness, grief, and depression. This podcast pushes us to learn how to better sit with our brothers and sisters in the hardest emotions.

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